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About you

If any of the points below relate to you, get in touch today to arrange a free no, obligation chat to see how we can help.

About you

Could these questions be relevant to you?

Advice and guidance

  • Do you need advice or somebody to talk to on financial matters?
  • Are you financially savvy but would value an expert second opinion?

How to get organised

  • Do you have lots of financial baggage collected over the years (pensions, ISAs, life insurance, bank accounts etc) and ignore it because you can’t make sense of it?
  • Has your existing pension or investment company been taken over so you have no idea who to speak to?

Plans for the future

  • Are you concerned that you might one day run out of money?
  • Have you unsure of the income you might need when you retire?

If the answer is yes – it should be well worth giving us a call. Please get in touch for a no obligation chat to see how we can help; we’d love to hear from you. Clients tell us they find dealing with Lowland a breath of fresh air. You will always talk to a real person – with your best interests at heart.

Pre-Retirement Key Issues

You are saving as much as you can but retirement is still some years in the future – possible issues are:

  1. How can I juggle financial priorities e.g. mortgage, children, insurances etc and still manage to save for future?
  2. Should I save or pay more off the mortgage?
  3. How much will it cost to get my children through Further Education?
  4. What are the possible sources of income when I retire and how long will it last?

We would love to show how you might benefit from our bespoke advice and guidance. Why not have a look at these short explanations of how we have helped other people planning ahead for retirement in these client stories (based on real client situations).

Client wins
Self-invested pensions
Early access to tax-free cash
Reassurance following major health problems

At Retirement Key Issues

When you retire there are likely to be many questions, for example:

  1. Do I need to wait for the state pension before I can retire?
  2. What are my options for my pension when I stop working?
  3. Can I afford to stop when I want to?
  4. Am I in the right funds so close to retirement?

A critical question for many is “How can I be sure I’ve made the best choice for my pension?” and “Should I take Tax Free Cash and what are the options for my income – annuity, income drawdown etc?” We offer a Free Guidance meeting to explain the options and help you decide what to do.

Whatever your circumstances – our advice and guidance at this critical stage where you may need to make one-off irreversible decisions should prove highly valuable.

If you want see examples of how we have helped other people about to retire – check out these case studies based on real situations where we have made a significant difference.

Client wins
Taking pension benefits early
Enhanced annuity for smokers

In Retirement Key Issues

You are no longer working, so it is unlikely that new money will become available (unless you inherit or downsize).

You need to make what you have last as long as possible for the benefit of you and your family. Possible concerns where we can help might be:

  1. How can I make the most of what money I have now?
  2. Will my income keep pace with inflation?
  3. Will I need the same income in the future as I need now?
  4. Do I have enough income and cash spare for emergencies or to enjoy myself?
  5. What is the likely impact of Inheritance Tax on my hard-earned savings?
  6. How can I help my family during my lifetime?
  7. What are the implications if I need long term care provision?
  8. What can I do to reduce the tax burden when I die?

Here we have listed examples of how we have helped clients already retired to make more of what they have.

Client wins
Regular support and advice